People and companies not resident in Spain are taxed on income obtained in Spain through Non-Residents Income Tax (‘IRNR’ in Spanish).

International operations are increasingly common in our daily lives and thus, from both a direct and indirect tax perspective, there is a latent need to be up to date with the taxes connected to those operations.

We seek to provide the client with the basic information needed to understand the operations from both a national and international perspective. For that purpose, we carry out a study of the tax regulations at domestic level and of the double taxation agreements in order to obtain the maximum reduction of your tax payments.

We must emphasise the importance of the tax obligations in Spain, given that in most cases it is the person paying the money who must withhold an amount equivalent to the Non-Residents Income Tax.

Our services

  • Pensions received inside and outside Spain
  • Management and taxation of real estate sales
  • Tax declaration forms 210, 211, 213, 216, 247, 291, 294/95, 296, 299
  • Property Tax
  • Inheritances and donations
  • Moving to Spain for work reasons
  • International tax planning
  • Holding entities
  • Double taxation agreements